Direct Nutrition Philosophy

Since 2004 Direct Nutrition seeks the natural and effective solution for the balance of the body. It has its origins in professional consultations, where there is a real need to prescribe natural supplements that work quickly and accurately. It only uses maximum quality and standarization extracts in its formulas. A dynamic complex synergy based on naturopathic principles and the use of vehicles in the Dina format, make Direct Nutrition an innovative brand in supplementation based on natural extracts.

System balancing

At Direct Nutrition we know that treating a system globally is possible with just one product. We designed the Dina® line precisely for that purpose. the complexist synergy, the use of vehicles, the selective detoxification of the emuntory and the bioavailability of the compound makes this possible.

100% Natural

The best way for an active ingredient to reach the maximum effect is quality, so that the supplement is the closest as posible to what nature offers us.

Maximum effectiveness

For a natural supplement to work, apart from the adequate synergy, a high standardization of the different active ingredients is required. In DN® we use dry extracts of high potency and a high content of active ingredients.